Project and business manager oriented for non-profit clients

Type of contract

Collaboration or other formulas subject to negotiation.

Our studio

Antimatter is a small, independent 2D animation studio based in Milan. The studio is less than 2 years old, but it is active in the global market thanks to its member’s past experiences. Antimatter is recognized for its expertly crafted animation quality. Our main areas of expertise are: technology, innovation and global development issues.

Vacancy description

This is a transversal job that covers both the business development and the project management side of the work therefore a high level of independence and entrepreneurial attitude, alongside a task oriented approach is required.
In the initial phase you will acquire and manage clients from the nonprofit sector, institutions and social businesses; in the production phase you will organize the schedule of the animation team in order to meet deadlines. You might need to attend events and meet clients, normally in Europe.
You will have a full disclosure on the business model and its strategies and you will be directly involved in its development.

Team environment

We are a laid back, creative team that focuses on the artistic side of its work and on all the ethical considerations related to what we do. Thanks to our strict no-jackass policy, we give space to intelligence, facts, reason and ideas. Very little room is left for office politics.


  • Previous experience or provable interest in some global development themes.
  • Previous experience in clients acquisition and client management
  • Previous experience in video production and (a basic understanding of AE principles is a big plus)
  • Previous experience in budget management
  • Computer literacy
  • Interest in global politics, economy, science and technology
  • Interest in visual arts and design

Key Responsibilities

  • Keeping and growing the client inflow
  • Day-to-day coordination amongst the production team and the clients
  • Budgeting on new briefs and responsibility in maintaining profit margi.
  • Maintaining schedule and delivery oversight for projects, including project priorities and milestones setting
  • Dedication on pushing the aesthetic of anything we’re involved in
  • Overseeing and maintaining resources for project, forward thinking to avoid bottleneck issues.
  • Liaising directly with clients and agencies autonomously
  • Sourcing & booking freelancers with relevant skillsets when required

Start date


How to Apply

Please send your CV, a brief go to point cover letter, and your availability to, subject: “Animation Pm vacancy”.

This is the end, there a no others open positions at the moment