Junior traditional animator – Internship

Type of contract

Three month paid internship.

Our studio

Antimatter is a small, independent 2D animation studio based in Milan. The studio is less than 2 years old, but it is active in the global market thanks to its member’s past experiences. Antimatter is recognized for its expertly crafted animation quality. Our main areas of expertise are: technology, innovation and global development issues.

Vacancy description

We believe in the power of the character to bring a story to life, so we’re looking for a frame by frame animator with great character animation skills. We want someone who’s responsible and passionate about all things animation, that will be involved in all the production steps, from character design to storyboarding, to animation and cleanups.

We like to work together in a stress-free environment, so we’re looking for someone who’s a good team player and able to have a laugh with us and look at some mograph memes (occasionally!). We’ll also provide you with a nice workspace and some great taste in music. Preferably Milan based.


  • Great knowledge of cel animation
  • Good knowledge of at least 2 of the following softwares: Adobe Animate, Toon Boom, Tv Paint
  • Good character design and character animation skills
  • Basic After Effects and compositing knowledge
  • Good storyboard development

Start date

Application closes February 15, 2020. Internship starts March 15t, 2020

How to Apply

Send us your reel to jobs@antimatter.tv, subject: “Traditional Animation Internship”.