Don’t be afraid of hate speech online, fight it.

What is hate speech? Should we be afraid of it? First of all we have to recognize it and than to face it as if it was a slouching monster made of curses and threatens, that can be beaten if we work all together

The brief:
Ceji – A jewish contribution to an inclusive Europe asked us to help them launch the Facing Facts Project, an online programme to train institutions employees and students and to inform the general public about the hate speech issue, by explaining it in a simple and engaging way.  

How did we get there:

But how does an abstract and general concept like hate speech look like? How can we shape it and make it interact with other symbolic elements in our motion explainer? We love transformers and building games, so we actually built the hate speech monster using words, informatic elements and computer hardware parts.  

Our favourite part of the video:

At second 0.26 the monster happens to have its own facebook page where it can post all its hate messages, an ironic artifice to show a dreadful phenomenon.