How to change the world

Celebrating 1 million supporters of is a platform for social campaigns active in over than 100 countries. On people from all over the world can launch petitions addressed to decision makers bring to reach their goals.

After having reached 100 million subscribers, the staff of got in touch to create a celebratory video with the intent of sending it to all those who have helped them make an impact.


The brief:

Finding an universal and empowering story each of us could identify with. Create a look and feel majestic enough to match with the astonishing goal of 100 million supporter reached by the organization.

Create characters that represent the whole spectrum of identities and cultures of the supporters of the organization.


How did we get there:

The main challenge here was to represent an fairly abstract concept as “change”. We quickly realized that nothing is a better agent of social progress than a teenage girl who is committed to stand her ground. All we needed was a highly expressive young female character going through the story of change itself.

Our efforts focus was therefore on the care of the character animation.   


Our favourite part of the video:

At second 0.37 you will notice that our hero is not tall enough to stand good on the stage. As her young age did not prevented her to engage with high profile politics, she didn’t think twice to pick up a stoll and cheer to the crowd.