Can we get rid of plastic?

The Plastic Health Coalition has a mission to stop plastic pollution at its source. This ‘single issue’ environmental organisation is calling out the industry and governments where they fall short, putting also a special focus on the relationship between plastics and human health.

The brief:
We’ve all heard so much about plastic pollution and how it hurts and destroys our environment, but very little is spoken about the dangers that it can have on our health, so this was our main point of approach. Since it’s a much talked about subject, we wanted to bring new information and a fresh perspective to this video, hoping to catch the audiences’ attention to the many risks plastic use has in our lives.

How did we get there:
With this video, we decided to use traditional animation for our main character, so that we could have some nice fluid movements and a lot of personality from her. Everything plastic related was made through motion graphics, creating a subtle division between human life and plastic waste, and calling for action against the generalized use of plastic.

Our favourite part of the video:
The amazing dive by our main character!