The Arctic 30


The Arctic 30

Protesting against climate injustice 

Right after the protest against the Gazprom oil drilling in Prirazlomnaya on 19th September 2013, 30 activists on board of the Greenpeace ship ‘Arctic Sunrise’ have been arrested by Russian authorities. We animated Greenpeace International’s protest against this horrible injustice to put pressure on Russian government who unfairly imprisoned the #Arctic30 Greenpeace Activists, as a deterrent to scare all NGO’s member who were bothering their business.

The video is a consistent mix between 2d and 3d animation: a unique long shot without cut between the scenes, where drama is supported by the use of grunge textures, and an epic battle between lights and shadows.

Our favorite part of the video:
when the creepy hands become a threatening corner light of isolation.