Three ways the universe
could end

Are we going to see another Big Bang?

Even our big home, the Universe, is going to an end. Or not? What about if it bounces and a new big bang will give us all a fresh start?  Wait a second: so maybe we are not even living in the first big bang… Or maybe in end everything will just rip apart and an empty dead space will stay there forever and ever? Anyway, we still have several billion of years to find the official answer to this difficult questions.

The brief:

TED Ed is the educational branch of the world famous TED Conferences and, in theory, is aimed to educate young adults on cultural subjects, in practice everybody of all ages love to spend time on the platform watching and learning.

In these projects, the main goal of the animation is to work as a cognitive aid for comprehension and therefore is crucial to avoid effects that might distract, but at the same time there is a need to keep an engaging visual environment.

How did we get there:

Despite a screen is rather small, when compared to the size of the Universe, a robust and minimal infographic style helped us to set the environment. Few magic tricks and perspective imagination also helped us to create three dimensional spaces within three dimensional spaces. A big role goes also to the soundtrack an originally composed score by André Aires from our friends of AIM Creative Studio.


Our favourite part of the video:

Starting a 2:11 you will see what could happen if the expansion of the Universe will break the crucial electromagnetic forces. We manage to create an very aesthetically pleasing rotation of the scene that makes a special counterpoint to the very scary perspective of this hypothesis.