Be the hero in a child story (Director’s cut)

Let’s help a child find love

Thousands of Texas children are victims of the child abuse circle. Upbring is working to tackle this problem and ensure them a happy ending by providing kids and families with innovative services, including foster care, adoption, education, and residential treatment, thanks to its donors support.

The brief:

We have been asked to craft a 1 minute animated video to tell the story of  “AJ”, a child who benefits from athe service and programs offered by Upbring, to celebrate all the ways Upbring empowers kids, families, and communities.

Preproduction challenges:

How to show violent and dangerous scenes without being graphic but being accurate? That has been the biggest obstacle that we had to figure how to overcome with the animation.

How did we get there:

The frame by frame character animation allowed us to give credibility and realism to the gestures and when the scene occurred to be dramatic we decided to move farther the point of view.

Our favourite part of the video:

The social worker’s car suddenly skidding at 00:14 to go saving the kid.